#663399Becca trending and Flatuicolorpicker

#663399Becca trending and Flatuicolorpicker

A month ago i read this tweet in my timeline..

Eric and Kat Meyer lost their daughter Rebecca. Rebecca Meyer had a favorite color and it was purple. A color that might be expressed in the hexadecimal language of web design as #663399 (RGB:102,51,153). When i read this article The color purple (article) i try to hide my emotion. It is difficult for anyone to lose a relative person.

In twitter created some #hushtags sush us #color, #purple and #663399Becca.

Yesterday and after one month the death of Rebecca, @grmiller reminded me again this tragic occurrence with the presence of the following tweet.

So late in the evening I decided without second thought to add the #663399 to flatuicolorpicker project as a color flat trend. flatuicolorpicker.com/purple and named this as “rebeccapurple”.

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