Who i am

My name is Vasilis Baimas. I'm from a small historical town in Greece called Sparta. I am a graduate of the Technological Educational Institute of Crete and I have been designing full-time since 2011. My work mainly focuses on Interaction Design, Web & UI Design, and Photography.

What i do

I am passionate about Web Design, Front-End Development, and Inspired Photography. I take a minimalist approach and marry creative design with great user experience to make every project successful. Like my projects, I am always evolving, learning, and reiterating. I currently make use of Adobe Creative Suite, HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, and Wordpress to create great projects.

Few facts about me

I enjoy riding my bike almost every day and being eco-friendly. I believe in a fit mind and body.

I love photography. In 2008 i got my first DSLR camera . It allows me to explore my creativity by shooting in the moment.

I like sports such as running, climbing, and of course bicycling.

I listen music all the time.

I love learning, developing, and pushing myself. I embrace the latest technological developments and stay current by reading industry news, blogs, and websites.

I like to stay active. Personal characteristics: Accountable, Team Player, Reliable, and Organized..

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