I am an experienced UX Designer who enjoys
creating user-centric, meaningful, and human experiences.

Hi, it’s nice to meet you. I’m Vasilis and my motivation for user experience design started during my college studies. In the course “Designing the User Interface”, the instructor gave me the challenge to redesign the ATM experience. It was my first approach to provide the user with a functional service and delightful user experience across all the touchpoints.

The design has always been of great importance, finding new possibilities, as long as making things better. All the time, problem-solving makes me fun. I always remember myself to seek learning, through theory and at the same time in practice. In fact, as a self-taught web designer, most of my work was mostly in web and visual design. In spite of my basic knowledge, I decided to take it one step with confidence, so I moved forward with my carrier path to UX design.

As a process in the mind of a UX designer, I’m always asking “Why” instead of “What”. I focus on user satisfaction and ensuring that the product actually fulfills the user’s needs. I take control of the full scope of the design thinking process, from empathy to ideation, and remain people-driven at all times.

As a result of my science-based background and my experience, I am able to combine data-driven research and problem solving with empathy and critical thinking in order to create meaningful, valuable experiences for both, users and businesses.

As a person that I like to get involved in communities, I am mentoring in ADPList. Also I am Ambassador in PayItFwd and my main role is to be a consultant to Nonprofits for their design needs and guide junior designers with large projects. I am giving back to the open-source community as contributor, attendee, speaker and organizer.

As a self-motivated I expand my skill-set and develop future opportunities. I believe that the learning never stop, so I am studying online UX design courses at the Interaction Design Foundation to enhance my skills.

I’ve been working with agencies and business companies which has enriched me because I have been able to focus on creative collaboration while expanding my skill set.

Curious by nature, I’m highly interested in empowering communities, shown through my volunteering.

Outside of work you can find me:

– Running early in the morning.
– Teaching myself to cook healthy meals.
– Contributing to open-source projects.
– Exploring new places with my camera.
– Trying to learn/experience something new.

Looking for opportunities to work with a team of inspiring people, learn, improve and bring value to the world. Feel free to reach me out : hello@vbaimas.com or you can find me on LinkedIn.

Let’s Talk!

Current Lives

UX Designer

As a UX Designer, it’s important to understand the users’ needs. I redefine problems and create innovative solutions that I can prototype and test.

UI Designer

I seek to harness my skills, and in this way, I create and provide unique digital experiences. I focus on reflecting on the originality of the names and thanking the users.


Side projects are the exposition of my creativity and learning. I feel full of energy and do better work. It’s a balance between my job and my personal life.


Contribute to open-source projects helps me to improve them based on real-world experience. It’s a way to shortly exchange ideas with a like-minded community.


2017 – Present UX Designer Remote
Jun 2019 – Aug 2019 UX Researcher Remote, Greece
2016 – 2017 Product Designer Remote, Singapore
2014 – 2016 Visual Designer Remote, Singapore
2012 – 2014 Web Designer Remote
Volunteering at WordCamp Europe
Attending at WordCamp Athens
Speaking at Olympus WordPress Meetup


A UX Design process is a recipe for creating valuable products. In my workflow, I include the “5-stage Design Thinking” model proposed by the Hasso-Plattner Institute of Design at Stanford (d.school).

01. Involvement

– Strategy
– Goals and mission

02. Perception

– Research
– Problematization

03. Briefing

– Idea generation
– Creation

04. Implementation

– Prototyping
– User Testing