My Identity and My Promise


My Seven Core Values

My intentions are clear: every day, we are challenged to strive for excellence. This does not mean achieving perfection, but rather delivering quality work and enjoying the journey to achieve it. This is what I strive for, and it is the culture I promote. As my self grows, it is important for me that I hold true to the values that define my culture and work ethic.

Problem Solver

Problem-solvers are motivated to support and help others in a professional and industrious manner. I pitch solutions with analytical thinking, offer up suggestions for problem-solving, and accomplish goals effectively. As an active listener, I seek to solve the problem at hand.


Strategic Thinker

Strategic Thinkers are defined by the way they think about, view, assess, and create the future for themselves and others. I strive to work effectively, rather than just appear busy. I find it satisfying to put in extra effort on Friday afternoons in order to set up the following work week. Additionally, I value creativity and taking calculated risks.



Teamwork is crucial in today’s fast-paced world. It fosters innovation and lateral thinking by promoting the exchange of ideas and developing creative solutions. It also builds trust and relationships, which improves communication and efficiency. Ultimately, teamwork brings me together with a group of people in order to achieve great things through cooperation.



Integrity, to me, means conducting ourselves in an honest and ethical manner with everyone we do business with. This entails transparent communication, respectful adherence to timelines and budgets, upfront acknowledgment of errors, and assuming full ownership of my actions. I’m always available to answer questions and provide you with any information about my process that might be helpful.



Dependable people are reliable in their character, performance, and results. It encompasses more than just punctuality and meeting deadlines. Dependability is about building connections, and it should be prioritized from top to bottom. Positivity and dependability are interconnected. I will meet every deadline, communicate proactively, and deliver on my promises.



My definition of empathy is the ability to listen and consider others’ thoughts and feelings, appreciating their perspective before passing judgment or acting. This approach has allowed me to foster stronger relationships with others and create impactful connections with my teammates and clients.



To me, creativity means problem-solving. I believe in tackling the impossible, as it helps overcome unforeseen challenges and find solutions to unconventional problems. Instead of settling for the first, easiest, or quickest solution, I carefully analyze, research, and create a custom solution. This approach not only solves your challenge, but also helps you stand out.


My Services

All of the services I provide are intended to enhance the user experience, making it more human-centered.


UX Strategy

To create user-centered designs, it’s important to have a clear vision. I can assist you in establishing and aligning your business vision to meet the needs of your users.


Research & Testing

I don’t assume to know what your users think, or how exactly they behave. I use research methods to get to the bottom of your users’ needs, motivations, and behaviors.


Mentoring & Coaching

To gain a deeper understanding of an experience, it’s important to keep learning. As your assistant, I can help you explore various possibilities and provide options based on your experience and goals.


Information & IxD

In the realm of business, every interaction presents an opportunity. I strive to adhere to industry best practices when it comes to developing products that empower users to achieve their goals in the most efficient manner possible.

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