Contribute to WordCamp Europe 2018

Contribute to WordCamp Europe 2018

I am writing this article because I want to express my opinion about the WordCamp Europe 2018. It was my first time as a volunteer in WordCamp Europe and I am still so excited. It was a well-organised WordCamp event with good vibes, creative people from all over the world with different culture but with a lot of passion for WordPress and Open Source. Moreover, I and more than thirty WordPress Geeks traveled from Greece to Belgrade, Serbia.

The first day I had an amazing morning collaboration at WordCamp Europe 2018 Contributor day with some designers from WordPress community. The configuration of the team consisted of : Tim Hengeveld (Lead UX designer at Yoast), Rich Copping (Creative Director at Pragmatic Agency), Jasper Cheyne (Web Designer at Pragmatic Agency), Jayman Pandya (Freelance UI Designer, Front-end Developer) and myself.

Then, we explored a variety of different solutions and settled on a solution that allowed the consistent placement of the notification dot as you can see in the picture below. Adrian Roselli often evaluated our suggestions and finally he took a look and agreed that this would be a good improvement. Adrian preferred going to design 3 and 4 (with 1 being the current situation).

It will be exciting to see if this can be evolved in a real-world solution, but hour per hour and day per day, I believe that this can be done. The most important is that it was great to have the chance to meet and work with new people. For this purpose a ticket has been created: Improving the notification badges in admin menu, and the process to deep contributing has already begun. Ιf you have a creative spirit and you want to contribute, feel free, then join us.

Here are my thoughts :

WordPress relies on people like you to come those ideas true. Just remember that WordPress is a user-and volunteer-driven project; every enhancement and each improvement depends on the community. It is very important to give back to WordPress and the contributor day is a great opportunity to do this. WordCamp Europe 2018 (Contributors Day) gives me the opportunity to meet new people and talk about the User Experience and focus on tiny details of a User Interface.

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